Time For Clarity (Sauca) In Social Media To Deepen Relationships

In order to cultivate and grow relationships, you have to choose yourself first.

I had a really hard time doing this for myself for the majority of my life, and thus made less than stellar choices regarding those that I chose to get close to. I've got the real life thing a bit under control, but now it's the time to do it up in cyber space!

Now that I'm feeling that I am emerging from my Mama cave (for those of you that do not know, I stay at home with my 3 year old and 4 month old and do all my work in the wee hours of the morning) I think it's time to magnify and grow the quality of relationships I have online.

A bit of my social media history- Twitter paradise

I got onto social media way before it was as cool as it is now. I remember getting on twitter "back in the day" forging a ton of new relationships with people I had never met because none of my real life friends and acquaintances were on twitter.

That was perhaps the best experience I had with social media. I had a handful of active first adopters that I kept in contact with via text messages if you can believe that!

I actually received a text message every time anyone updated their twitter status! gulp

And I loved it :D

In fact some of those first twitter followers have now been in my life now since spring 2007. Wow. Almost 5 years. They are folks that I hold in my heart very closely even though there are some I've never met!

Twitter chaos

As of now, I no longer properly hang out on Twitter because it's just too much. My stream does not feed me. There are a ton of people I don't know, and to be honest don't care enough to know because I haven't invested any time there.

I generally get too overwhelmed with the amount of updates, and when I try to find the folks that I really do want to follow, I can't find them :(

What's even more ironic is that I help other people get comfortable with twitter as well as help it work for them...sigh

Enough is enough.

I'm clarifying my social media presence and I'm starting with Twitter.

Clarity in social media engagement = authentic offerings all around

In yoga, clarification, purity, cleanliness, is called Sauca.

There are two main aspects to Sauca, inner and outer. There is inner purity and practices that sustain that, and there is the outer purity and the steps we take towards creating that.

This social media clean-up if you will is external in nature and as a by product clarity and purity of mind and heart ensues. The more refined and meaningful social media relationships and engagement become, the greater ease in creating authentic connections that both empower yourself as well as others.

I can't wait to share how I did it and if it's making my connections more meaningful :)

Have you gone through this? What tools did you use to clean up the chaos?

This series of posts is a part of #40to40, my personal countdown toward my 40th birthday. It's all about bringing clarity to who I am in all facets of my life. You can follow my tech posts through their tag #40to40 in this blog, or my yoga/health #40to40 posts over at Elsie's Yoga Kula :)

IMAGE CREDIT via Creative Commons "frustration" by -reuben-