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App Love: Due App Supports My Mushy Brain To Remember
I use this app every day. Being a mother of 2 young girls very close in age and the lack of sleep that it has caused has made my memory into absolute mush. I often have things that I need to do that are totally remembering to brush my 3 year olds teeth (yes, it's that bad) that I need to be reminded of daily. This task does not merit me adding some kind of calendar reminder/task AND the Reminders app for iOS is too slow to input the info. I need fast input. The more info I have to input the less apt I am to use it. With the Due App it's a total breeze.
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Should Your Business Get a Smartphone App?
To app or not to app that is the question many small to medium size businesses are asking themselves. With the immense growth of the general population’s acceptance of smartphones, and a drastic increase of usage of smartphone apps even beyond internet and web browsing in the past 12 months, as an entrepreneur one would think having a smartphone app is a must. The increasing popularity of iOS devices and Android devices necessitates action on the part of businesses to see how and if stepping into this new ecosystem is beneficial to the profitability and scalability of the business. Every week there are articles published on smartphones, apps, and statistics of usage. From an outsider perspective, especially from the entrepreneur perspective it may feel like you have to jump right in and get a piece of the pie. Before you do, consider the points below.
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Thoughts On Podcast Marketing and Cross-posting to Wordpress via libsyn
I think we as podcasters have been pretty darn lazy. I venture to say that us podcasters that have been doing this for longer than 5 years are the laziest of the bunch, due to two things: Getting stuck in the old school podcasting paradigm. Easy entry and quick discovery back in the day. When podcasting was first introduced in iTunes, there were only a handful of people that decided to do this podcasting thing. Because the barrier of entry was so low, and there weren't very many people doing it, us early podcasters were able to get a lot of visibility via the iTunes store.
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