The E-League: Founder

The E-League: Founder


This is it! I am SO happy to have you aboard! 

You are officially an E-League founding member šŸ˜

Let's Do This!

You are here!

Only a selected few get access to this page! Iā€™m so stoked! And so happy for all of us!

To break it down for you again, here are the logistics: 

  • Private Slack group 
  • One 60-90 minute power session with me focusing on anything you want + my notes + research
  • Workspace times at least once a week for 5 weeks 
  • Support, accountability and community advocacy for *our* work

The start date of all the active community engagement begins on May 1 for all of the group work. 

That means that my full engagement with all of you in the Slack group will be for 5 weeks: May 1 to June 4.

Group work is going to be highly crafted to what you need as well as what the group needs. 

You will get a link to schedule your session with me at any time from the time of purchase until June 5!