The E-League: Spring 2018

The E-League: Spring 2018


It's time to step it up. Thank you for doing it with me 😍

Let's Do This!


Only a selected few get access to this page! I’m so stoked! And so happy for all of us!

For clarity's sake, breaking it down for you again, here are the logistics:

  • One 90 minute intense one on one strategic meeting with me
  • 5 week support and commitment from me as your secret weapon mentor in your pocket
  • Access to The E-League Essentials, the foundation of my work in The E-League, delivered via private podcast
  • A private Voxer and Mighty Networks community
  • Direct access to me via email and Voxer
  • Access to the hive-mind of intelligent, socially conscious, advocates, leaders, and passionate change makers (just like you) in The E-League
  • Voxer Broadcasts solely focused on this session of the E-League’s theme and focus
  • Two 60 minute community building calls: Tuesday, April 24 and May 15 at 12 pm EST

The start date of all the active community engagement begins on Monday, April 23 for all of the group work.

That means that my full engagement with all of you in the group and one on one will be for 5 weeks: Monday, April 23 - Sunday, May 27.

Group work is going to be highly crafted to what you all need as a group.

You will get more specifics as we get closer to the date!


After your purchase you will get a link to my scheduling calendar.

Please make sure that you schedule your one-on-one time with me ASAP.

Slots tend to fill up fast, and I'd hate for you not get the time that you want!

Got it? All right then, go on back to the top to get you winter E-Leaguing!