The E-League: Spring 2018 (Coming Back!)

The E-League: Spring 2018 (Coming Back!)


Getting ready for the rest of the year has never felt so good! 😍

Let's Do This!



The magic of the Spring Session will involve starting the process of setting up frameworks, language and workflows to address: access, community building and diversity and inclusion.

The primary focus will be on strategizing how to reach and diversify your audience by focusing on audience behavior, access, advocacy and demographic/psychographic trends which will then inform you on the next pivotal steps to take to make sure that you plant specific impactful seeds to actually REACH those what you want to serve.

  • The Voxer Group chat + coaching for 5 weeks
  • Weekly Elsie Broadcasts with specific teachings every Monday based on defining and deepening the conversation)
  • The E-League Essentials
  • 30-45 Minute one-on-one focusing in on exactly what you want to take action on or reconnect with
  • Support, accountability and community advocacy for our work
  • Two 60 minute community building calls: Tuesday, April 24 and May 15 at 12 pm EST

The start date of all the active community engagement begins on April 23 for all of the group work.

That means that my full engagement with all of you in the group and one on one settings will be for 5 weeks: Monday, April 23 to Sunday, May 28.

Group work is going to be highly crafted to what you all need as a group. You will get more specifics as we get closer to the date!

Got it? All right, go on back to the top to get your Spring E-Leaguing!