The E-League: Spring 2019 (Coming Back!)

The E-League: Spring 2019 (Coming Back!)


Getting ready for the rest of the year has never felt so good! πŸ˜

Let's Do This!



The magic of the Spring E-League will involve mission critical clarity - all with pristine focus on podcasting and you as change maker + culture shifter.

The time invested for this work is yours to decide. It is set up so that you manage your participation and experience based on what you are willing to commit to. The structure will be set. It's up to you to use it to your advantage.

There's no better time than in these 5 weeks to do this, especially when there are no hardcore time commitments ☺️ It's all based on when and how you can show up, and you can take the community everywhere!

  • Two 60 minute community building calls: time and date TBD
  • Weekly Pomodoro style work sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening with Zoom room access
  • Optional 1 hour session with me (I'll give dibs to newbies and I'll share schedule on Week 2)
  • Weekly Voxer Broadcasts to keep us all on track and focused full of Elsie teachings (nothing like referring to myself in third person 😜)
  • Weekly Voxer Group chats to keep connected
  • Slack and Trello for text communication and resources.

The start date of all the active community engagement begins on Monday, March 25 for all of the group work.

That means that my full engagement with all of you in the group and one on one settings will be for 5 weeks: Monday, March 25 to Monday, April 29.

Group work is going to be highly crafted to what you all need as a group. You will get more specifics as we get closer to the date!

Got it? All right, go on back to the top to get your Spring E-Leaguing on!