The Fall E-League: Empowerment

The Fall E-League: Empowerment


This is it! I am SO happy to have you aboard! 

You are officially an The E-League: Empowered WoC Session šŸ˜

Let's Do This!

You are here!

Only a selected few get access to this page! Iā€™m so stoked! And so happy for all of us!

To break it down for you again, here are the logistics: 

  • One 30 minute one on one session with me
  • 3 weeks of support and commitment
  • One 60 minute introduction and initiation into The E-League Essentials (the tenets that have organically arisen from the work in The E-League)
  • A private Slack and Voxer community
  • Direct access to me via Slack and Voxer
  • Access to the hive-mind of intelligent, socially conscious, advocates, leaders, and passionate change makers (just like you) in the e-league

The start date of all the active community engagement begins on September 11, for all of the group work + engagement. 

My full engagement with all of you in the Slack and Voxer groups will be for 3 weeks: September 11 to October 2.

Group work is going to be highly crafted to what you need as well as what the group needs. Once I have all of you settled in, and know everyone's time-zones, I'll send out the time for our one and only TOGETHER hour together.

You will get a link to schedule your session with me at any time from the time of purchase, which you can schedule until the week of October 2!

Click the nice blue rectangle that says "Let's Do This" to purchase!