The Journey into The E-League begins...

I had to do this.

As women of color, we need resonance. We need amplification. We need to feel safe, heard and empowered.

Diving into this in depth work and mentorship with women podcasters showed me how important it was for me to actively seek out address, and support underrepresented voices.

Voices that are systematically overlooked.

Voices that are systematically silenced.

Voices that demand to be heard.

This special round of the E-League is the beginning of a one of a kind work to dismantle existing structures to help us create content that has an impact, where we don’t choose to replicate existing media and cultural dynamics, but deepens our knowledge of us, as humans creating a tapestry of diversity, beauty, grace, and understanding.

I know. Dude. Huge. 

THis special ROUND OF THE E-LEAGUE SPECIFICALLY to empower women of color BEGINS Fall '17 (Sept 11 to oct 12)

Here’s what you can expect

  • One 30 minute one on one session with me
  • 3 weeks of support and commitment
  • One 60 minute introduction and initiation into The E-League Essentials (the tenets that have organically arisen from the work in The E-League)
  • A private Slack and Voxer community
  • Direct access to me via Slack and Voxer
  • Access to the hive-mind of intelligent, socially conscious, advocates, leaders, and passionate change makers (just like you) in the e-league

Your investment: $375

Apply TODAY for The E-League: Empowered WoC Session.

At most there will be two times when we all come together, not virtually, but for dedicated learning.

There's no better time than in the depth of the Fall to do this, especially when there is no hardcore time commitment ☺️ It's all based on when and how you can show up, and you can take the community everywhere!

This form will take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to fill out. I suggest you scan the questions, and possibly write down some of the ones that you feel you'll need more time to think about, then come back and copy/paste your answers! I'll be getting back to you. The clearer and more specific you can be with your answers the better it will be for me as I dive into YOU 🙏🏽❤️

I cannot wait to hear from you!!! 

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The why of podcasting
Here's where I get to know a bit more about YOU. As you answer the questions below, it get to understand your foundation and ethos about podcasting! Not only will your answers help me, but they will also offer you insight regarding the why of your journey into this powerful medium
Share what you know in your own words and to the best of your ability. Please don't worry if you don't know - about right and wrong - or anything like that. It's not like you *fail* or anything!
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Please note: You will hear from me anywhere from a couple of days to a week. I want to get you. You'll hear from me soon!