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Elsie Escobar
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Podcasting Strategy and Development

Developing a game plan for systemizing, growing and simplifying your podcast. Finding not just new, but INNOVATIVE ways for you to develop and deliver digital content, so you can wow your peeps. I'm the secret weapon in your pocket when you've run out of ideas and are sick of doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again...a 30 min session with Elsie Escobar is pure ✨MAGIC✨. If you’ve thought about working with her but haven’t yet—DO IT!!!
— Michelle Duncan Wilson from Soul Work For Moms

The E-League

Answers to your PRECISE questions about podcasting.

Advise on any level of your podcasting journey.

Podcast mentorship and consulting based directly on what YOU need, crafted individually for you.

Stop second guessing yourself.

This the one place you can have me as your secret weapon, working intimately with me, one on one.

Bonus: you'll belong to an elite group of cultural creatives using podcasting as the hub of their work, mission and vision, supporting you as well. Delish, no?

Intimate ● Connected ● Impactful

One on One Podcasting Strategy Sessions

For when you're stuck and have no idea what to do next!

You want your podcast to take you somewhere, and you think you have an idea of where. You want someone to guide you, make suggestions, and make sure the destination is right for you. That's where I come in!

I’ll dig deep to find out the important information BEFORE sending you down the wrong path – or to the wrong place.

I’ll make sure you are on the EXACT RIGHT PATH before you take steps and create action plans that waste your time – forcing you to course correct and get nowhere


Podcasting Advocate & Pundit

Highlighting the impact of podcasts in society and culture rocks my world. Taking the conversation beyond podcast monetization and metrics to bring awareness to the future and growth of podcasting through the lens of cyber behavior, cognitive psychology, the impact of socioeconomic status, and diversity.

That's my sweet spot.

My desire is to drive dialogue in the podcasting industry with a focus on podcasts' impact on society, diversity and culture as well as their power to drive social change, personal development, and bring voice to support underrepresented communities and initiatives.

The conversation must shift. It’s stuck in a never ending loop of high-level data that has everything to do with hidden agendas while forgetting the human element. 

Podcast listeners are people, you know. They are not downloads.



I'll be leading a panel at Podcast Movement 2017!

The Culture of Podcasting: Exploring The Impact of Podcasts in Society and Culture

The Podcasting Industry has not addressed how socioeconomics and cognitive behavior impact the reality of podcast growth from the listener perspective, regardless of new discovery and measurement tools. If we don't, as an industry, pay attention to how higher or lower levels of economic freedom, infrastructure and cyber behavior affect the listener, we will miss an imperative and impactful opportunity to amplify diverse voices plus listeners as well as solidify podcasting's ability to reach the widest audiences.

In this panel we'll be discussing:

  • The reality of broadband penetration, particularly for seniors, minorities and the poor and what measures to take as media creators to facilitate access to our work.
  • Cyber behavior and why most discovery apps and walled garden apps fail in new listener acquisition and what we need to do to help them succeed.
  • The cognitive psychology of our listeners and why its understanding as media producers holds the key to the maturation of the podcasting industry.

Podcaster and Voice Actor

I LOVE giving voice to projects. I love working in the audio medium and hope to keep working with audio and voice until at least I’m in my 90s ☺️

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