15 Free Tech Manuals To Get Your Geek On Yogis!

The hardest thing about tech, once you do start to step into it, is the "how to" aspect. 

The coolest thing about tech is that you can use it to teach you and refine your understanding but you MUST Engage, the first tenet of the YoGeek Lifestyle :D 

So engage my dear YoGeeks!

Here is a very useful article that gives you 15 Free (yes FREE) Tech Manuals. They are all absolutely useful, easy to read and very well done. These are only a few of the titles:


  • The Incredible Free Guidebook for Every Mac User
  • Twitter: Best Practices & Tips
  • A Computer Geeks Smart Productivity Guide


Here is my 'homework' to you: Download at least one manual regarding something that you've been wanting to know a bit more about, or to refine, and apply at least 1 bit of knowledge that you gathered. Come back here and leave me a comment sharing how it went!