Inexpensive Audio Equipment For Recording Your Yoga Classes

I've been asked enough times now that I know I MUST write a post about this :)


Oh and of course you must watch my goofy video above to see the stuff 'live'. It's an ode to silent movies :D

Basic Audio Equipment for Yoga Teachers to record their yoga classes

The following microphone and digital recorder are what I use to record my audio yoga podcast:

A Zoom H2 Recorder

I find this recorder pretty easy to use. There were a couple of settings that I had to figure out when I first started to use it, as I was unable to make my lav mic work with it, and then once I did I was unable to record so that my mono microphone sounded in 2 channels. Both of these things frustrated me to no end :(

Both of these were solved once I actually READ the instructions! Imagine that ;)

in order to make the lapel microphone work with the H2 I had to make sure that in the settings the PLUG-IN was set to ON.

In order to have my mono lapel microphone record on two channels I had to make sure that in the settings the MONO MIX was turned ON.

Once I took care of both of those things, then my recording went quite smoothly :) I still haven't figured out how to get my volume levels optimal...just yet. I often have to raise the level in post. Speaking about battery life, the AA batteries that it uses last me for at least 5 classes, sometimes many more. I haven't really kept track of how often I change the batteries because it doesn't happen very often. You can also plug the recorder to the wall, but of course that wouldn't work as I'm wearing the thing when I teach!

The lavaliere microphone that I use is the Audio-Technica ATR35S Omnidirectional Lavaliere Microphone

It's been working just fine. I haven't found an optimal place to put the HUGE cord that comes with it. Lately I've just shoved it in the back of my pant's waistband.

The whole set up works pretty well for me, although I am seriously thinking of investing on a wireless lavaliere microphone. There are plenty of times that I am unable to demonstrate a pose or something because the cord of the lav mic is in the way. I usually attach the H2 to an armband that came with another MP3 player, and during winter time, this proves to be problematic as I put the armband on over my clothes, I get hot while teaching and removing the top layer of clothing is an absolute hassle as I have to take the recorder off, plus the microphone and I undoubtedly end up turning the recording off cause it's too much of a hassle. Obviously this would also be taken care off with a wireless microphone!

As of the date of this post on Amazon the H2 is selling for $141.30 and the Audio-Technica ATR35S is selling for $29.99


I KNOW I'm not the only yoga teacher how about you share what you use to record your yoga classes, and how's it going for you?

***UPDATES: I have invested on a wireless microphone, the Audio Technica PRO 88W. I haven't used it enough to feel I can review it properly BUT it has worked out pretty darn well :) 

I now use the Apple Battery Charger for the H2. Love the rechargeable batteries. They are awesome and cute ;)