Extended Follow Friday for February 12, 2010 @HillaryRubin #ff #followfriday

I was attending a yoga class with my beloved teacher Naime Jezzeny while doing my first Anusara Teacher Training over at City Yoga (waaaaay back in the day ;) ), when it was time to do handstands. That day I partnered with a woman that I’ve never met before, I’d seen her around in class, but never engaged personally with her. As we worked on our handstands she began to ‘teach’ handstand to me. I initially was like “who do she think she is?”, but then after I softened my ego, I recognized that all the teaching that she was offering was right on! In fact I believe that was the first time that I found strong and full balance in that pose.

That woman was Hillary Rubin.

From that day on I was intrigued by Hillary. I watched her learn. I watched her grow. I watched her daily become more of the power house that she is today. We also became great friends and collaborators.

Hillary has taught me so much about life and living your yoga as yourself. She’s never stopped choosing for herself. Whatever she puts her mind to she’s on it, and believe me does she make things happen! I’ve also observed her develop into one of the most genuine and open teachers with whom I’ve had the blessing to practice. One of the best things about Hillary both as a teacher and a human being is that she is willing to fail. She is willing to take risks. She is willing to fall. She recognizes mistakes, misalignments, misadventures, becomes responsible for them and chooses again, refining her process daily. She does this quite openly, and it’s truly inspiring to watch.

So, Hillary Rubin is my pick for #FF this week, not only because she’s my friend, but also because she is truly worth following. This woman is cultivating great things and watch out world, I believe she can shift the planet! :D

Other than following her on twitter @hillaryrubin, you can find her at her blog http://hillaryrubinblog.com, where she posts wonderful videos that focus on cultivating your self in a very grounded and transparent way. They are ‘life teachings’ that you can apply to your life, whether you practice yoga or not. You can also check out http://hillaryrubin.com, where you can see her in a more business sense ;) Plus, you can get her DVD!!! Which I have to say is one of THE BEST yoga dvd’s out there. You must get it!

If you would like to experience Hillary’s teachings virtually you can via her audio podcast Hillary’s Yoga Practice! So much to choose from!

So get to it! follow @hillaryrubin and say hello for me :D

Wanna learn a bit more about the why behind my extended #FF #followfriday? Check out my prior post please :)


Ooooooh, I almost forgot! Hillary will be participating in a pretty extraordinary event called The Virtual World Yoga Conference! Sounds pretty darn fancy! I'm so very thankful that she gifted me with a ticket to attend :D You can find the details of what she will be teaching HERE The entire conference (with a lot more presenters and opportunities for self growth and learning) is $197 BUT Hillary is offering a promo code that takes $100 off

I KNOW! $100 off! It’s HLR219