Extended Follow Friday for February 19, 2010 @1Password #ff #followfriday

This week one of my friend’s email account was hacked.

Oh, that totally sucked.

I know that she felt bad about it, and she felt even worse at the fact that her password was just not the best password. In fact, it was probably the worse password she could have ever used, but it was one of the easiest password to remember!

I know how hard it is to remember passwords and user names and ids and all that jazz. I feel like every DAY I have to create some sort of new account for something or other, whether it be another social network, or another online bill pay service, or even just another community I’d like to know. I know that my modus operandi was to use the same id (with a variant of a number here and there) and the SAME PASSWORD FOR EVERYTHING!!! Why not? That way I won’t forget it right?

I think that we all know that, that specific choice is probably the worst choice one could make for online security.

There are people out there that are really really really smart and could guess the majority of every day type of passwords that you could come up with. Seriously. Even if you think you’re being all smart about it.

Today’s Extended Follow Friday is one of my FAVORITE Mac applications, and one the I cannot live without: 1Password by Agile Web Solutions (@1Password).

This application does so much more than *just* remember your passwords:

  • It can generate really strong passwords for you
  • It integrates seamlessly with a bunch of browsers (this makes it so easy to add new passwords to your list)
  • You can store credit card information, and have it automatically fill out your forms when shopping (I love this feature!!!)
  • You can store bank account information.
  • You can store application licenses in clear an orderly way
  • You can store your 1Password data base off site, either in a USB stick, or using Dropbox, or even have it as a PDF!
  • It has smarphone apps! It supports iPhone and Palm OS with more on the way.
  • It’s all encrypted!!!!!

I cannot even begin to give you a proper explanation of the feature list. I got it and found it to be intuitive and easy to use. This was THE FIRST Mac application I bought right after I got my Macbook in 2006, and have loved it ever since. They have a great support on their Web site ,a blog and also have great support period. All this is $39.99. I think it’s well worth the price, especially for your security online.

Even though I cannot explain to you my love for this product properly the mighty on Don McAllister from ScreenCasts Online certainly can! The following video is a 17 min video walking you through the wonderful functionality of 1Password. Since this video was made there have been some very significant updates to the software making it EVEN better!

Please subscribe to ScreenCasts Online if you haven't already! It’s a must for us Mac Lovers :D

If you happen to own 1Password and want to share your experiences please do so below! Let's make the Internet more secure :)