Extended Follow Friday for February 26, 2010 @_elan_ #ff #followfriday

I just finished writing an interview/article about Elán for Beatweek Magazine, BUT I still had some things to say, about this artist, so I’m adding a bit more here! (FYI that article is not published yet, but will be very soon!) 

I’m not going to tell you too much about Elán’s latest record or about her prior records or about any publicity tour or anything like that. I share Elán with you because I think she’s a really awesome human being.

My favorite things about Elán:

In random order :)

Her commitment to continuing to participate in the conversation with her fans and friends via social media.

She is genuine and truly grateful for the relationships. She is accessible and honest. She not only responds to folks but adds to the dialogue. She is at times blunt, other times funny and always honest and courteous.

Her honor for herself.

In the music business, or I venture to say in the entertainment business as a whole, this is a very tough thing to do. Particularly if you happen to be a stunning blonde. It is sooo easy to pull the beauty sex card. It is easy because it’s basically expected. Elán could have very easily just stepped into it, just as hundreds of other physically blessed people have done. Elán is doing it her way. Her image is her own. She chooses what she wants to put out onto the world. At times she is sexy (but seriously, how could she NOT be, she just is) but she doesn’t push it out there. At times she is rough and hard, other times playful and light. I absolutely enjoy seeing this woman enjoy being in her own skin.

Her love for her family.

I dare you to find and interview with Elán where she doesn’t in some way mention some member of her family. While doing research for my interview with her, the greatest thing that stuck out at me was how much she loved and respected her family. Her father and mother have been a major influence on this woman’s life, in a good way. What’s lovely to see is that she is NOT her parents or her family. She is herself, and that is the greatest gift that she gives back to them. She honors them by being herself. Her brother has been by her side from the beginning. From what I can see, he is her friend, confidant, producer, band member, advisor all rolled up into one!

It’s simply lovely to see a woman in the entertainment business that chooses to empower herself in such life affirming and auspicious ways.

So my pick for this Extended Follow Friday is @_elan_

Consider checking out her music as the majority is in English, although her latest is in Spanish (iTunes Link). And if you’re not up for the music, follow her Tumblr blog. It rocks

Oh yea...and stayed tuned for more about Elán coming up next week for Beatweek Magazine!