State Farm Insurance totally scored by thinking outside the box. Reward? Viral Heaven

Have you seen the following video?

Chances are you have. 

It was released on March 1st. As I write this it has had 3,911,718 views!

Yep...that's A LOT. 

How innovative and cool is that?

I just heard about this from one of my favorite podcasts (Buzz Out Loud) as they interviewed Adam Sadowsky president of Syynlabs who came up with the idea and executed it for OK go. I was intrigued and decided to check it out. 

Although it was obviously incredible and amazingly creative I was most surprised by the sponsorship: State Farm Insurance


And then it clicked....Riiiight....BRILLIANT PAIRING!!! 

I gotta say, that it's shifted my perception of State Farm completely. That sort of brand perception change is priceless. Great job State Farm for taking a chance and saying OK go!  :D

And if they didn't have a vision of this at all, holy moses, talk about luck lining up with the creative juice of the universe ;)