Boosting Content and Sharing With You!

ultimate blog boost first postHello!

How are you?

I've been busy...hence the lack of posts.

I've decided to share with you exactly what I do, and what I've been up to in an attempt to let you in to the production side of my life :)

So why not do it with a whole slew of other folks by doing it through the Ultimate Blog Challenge?

I'll be doing my very very very best to blog daily for these next 31 days. I won't be blogging in this specific blog daily, but I will be posting any of my other blog posts here for accountability sake as well as to share the work I do in other places.

The main blogs that material will be coming from are:

  1. This one :)
  2. Elsie's Yoga Kula
  3. The libsyn Blog

I look forward to sharing with you and hello fellow Ultimate Blog Challenge people!

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