App Love: Due App Supports My Mushy Brain To Remember

I use this app every day.

Being a mother of 2 young girls very close in age and the lack of sleep that it has caused has made my memory into absolute mush.

I often have things that I need to do that are totally mundane…like remembering to brush my 3 year olds teeth (yes, it’s that bad) that I need to be reminded of daily.

This task does not merit me adding some kind of calendar reminder/task AND the Reminders app for iOS is too slow to input the info. I need fast input.

The more info I have to input the less apt I am to use it.

With the Due App it’s a total breeze.

Totally Easy Reminders

I quickly add reminders with time and date like:

  1. Remembering to take a document with me before I leave the house.
  2. Making sure that I return a very important phone call within 15 min once they’ve left a message.
  3. Put chargers in the bag.
  4. Meeting in 5 minutes

I also love the repeating feature that is again, really easily added to add things like:

  1. Trash day! Take out the trash! (weekly)
  2. Utilities bills need to be paid TODAY. (monthly)

This repeating feature is also great if you happen to have gotten some sort of prescription to take. I used this when I got my wisdom tooth taken out, and it kept me clean and pain free pretty darn easily.


I don’t use Timers as much as the reminders but I love the functionality.

There are three main ways that I use them:

  1. In the kitchen: you know the usual, setting the timer for rice, or for cookies :)
  2. With my clients: I set a timer to make sure that I stay on schedule depending on what kind of consulting session they have purchased with me.
  3. When I practice yoga: I often like to do a timings practice, where I hold poses for 1-3 minutes and love the functionality of making sure that I’m staying on task!

I love Due App! It's my little anti-mushy brain helper from Elsie Escobar on Vimeo.


One of the coolest features of Due is that you can sync your reminders via Dropbox and in doing so to all of your iOS devices.

This is great because if you happen to be working on your iPad you’ll still be reminded. i love that functionality especially in the rare and sad time that I’m away from my iPhone ;)

Although I did end up turning that feature off because you do have to make that the app opens up to sync up, and there were too many times when my 3 year old was playing with the iPad and getting frustrated at the constant reminder prompts :)

You also have the option of:

  • Emailing a reminder
  • Messaging a reminder
  • Tweeting a reminder

I can find reasons for all of the above…except for the tweeting feature. I’m not sure how to apply that as of yet. What do you guys think?

I’d love some ideas for why I would want to tweet out my reminders!

If the recipient happens to also have the Due App, then when they open the email or message it, and they click on the link, the app launches automatically and they have the option to add that reminder.


There is also a Mac Desktop version, which I do not own. I might consider giving it a go, just for the syncing functionality. It looks pretty cool.

LOVE this little app. $4.99 well spent.

Do you use this app? Let me know how you use it!

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