The concept of hunger has struck a cord within me

This year has been the most disconnected that I’ve been with my body and my ‘practice’ body/mind/heart/spirit.

As I dove into Cate Stillman’s Ayurvedic Summit - (OMG the most amazing thing EVER this year for me personally, and thus the link above is an affiliate link) - there was a conversation about HUNGER.

An observation around our society not knowing what true hunger feels like and being ok with feeling empty was the catalyst of contemplation for me in the last months of the year.

There was a deep resonance with that exchange.

I realized that my behavior was compulsively stopping the feeling or sensation of hunger in all of it’s capacities: food, technology, relationships, education, etc.

I ingested, without questioning. I ingested, without true need or examination.

I also sensed trepidation around the feeling of “empty” and possibly anxiety around being hungry.

It wasn’t a fear of being empty, it was a lack of ease in feeling empty, since I was always FILLING it with something!

And thus the theme aka focus of 2016 arose, out of rooted examination.


The subject is vast, and my is investigation, deep-seated. It’s shifting daily as I see how my behavior carries within all layers of LIFE.

I look forward to experiencing emptiness, hunger and ease within transitions.

Year ago I made sleep a sacred practice.

Now it’s time to bring the sacred to hunger.

It’s time to connect with the pause once again and allow the extraordinary to flourish in the ordinary.

Elsie Escobar