Editing and kombucha - my first podcast episode Of 2016

The first episode of The Feed 2016 is out!

Yeay for me! I have to say, getting this episode out was much easier than usual. I’m not sure what it was?

Maybe I’m more used to my own workflow 😜 #goodtimes

OR maybe it was this amazing new Kombucha from GT’s! I’ve never seen this puppy before. I guess it’s called “Sharing Gratitude”? and it’s made with turmeric, carrot and ginger. I think it’s my new BFF.

If you wanna hear some of Rob’s and my thoughts on podcasting in 2016 and what we really think about the last months batch of podcasting industry articles in large publications written by people that have no idea about the podcasting industry - then you must listen.

It’s amazing what getting a good PR person to proliferate a particular POV on the big tech blogs can do. Who knew? pfffffttttttt grrrrr.

Here's a link to The Feed in iTunes in case you wanna do it that way :)

Or right click here to get our RSS feed :D.

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