Podcasters! Holiday Music for Free Download from True North Records!


What a lovely surprise to get an email yesterday from True North Records saying this:

Happy Holidays from True North Records!

To celebrate this holiday season we have posted on our share page a collection of seasonal MP3s for free download, to use and share with your friends, post on your own webpage, use in a podcast, or send to friends for a holiday greeting.

 Enjoy our music and tell a friend!

There's a wide array of music styles, and all of them are unique expressions of holiday music. I say, go ahead and download all of them! Share them in your podcasts! 

I love to be able to share music :) The cool thing about these tracks is that although some of them are particular to the holiday season, some of them can be played and used throughout the year, so if you are in need of some music for non-commercial purposes you've got some at your fingertips :D I'll be tagging these tracks so that I can find them when I'm needing some music for my video or audio podcast episodes!

You can do most anything with this music except make money off of it :) More information on the True North Records page. 

These are 3 of my favorites:

 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Ashley MacIssac

Silent Nighty by Bruce Cockburn

Set This Heart On Fire by Catherine MacLellan