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Why You Need A Podcast Host For Your Media
I totally got you. You’ve got your business running and have decided to add podcasting to your plan to take over the world. You know how important it is to be ubiquitous, and heck this podcasting thing can only help you along your way. And of course, you are so crazy smart that you recognize how powerful podcasting is. The thing is, why in the world would you need to have a podcast host if you already have your own killer website and you have your own storage? Basically for three very big and important reasons. Having your site shut down for possible violation of their Terms of Service Avoiding large fees from your provider. Delivering your content efficiently and fast.
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Thoughts On Podcast Marketing and Cross-posting to Wordpress via libsyn
I think we as podcasters have been pretty darn lazy. I venture to say that us podcasters that have been doing this for longer than 5 years are the laziest of the bunch, due to two things: Getting stuck in the old school podcasting paradigm. Easy entry and quick discovery back in the day. When podcasting was first introduced in iTunes, there were only a handful of people that decided to do this podcasting thing. Because the barrier of entry was so low, and there weren't very many people doing it, us early podcasters were able to get a lot of visibility via the iTunes store.
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Podcasters! Holiday Music for Free Download from True North Records!

Happy Holidays from True North Records!

To celebrate this holiday season we have posted on our share page a collection of seasonal MP3s for free download, to use and share with your friends, post on your own webpage, use in a podcast, or send to friends for a holiday greeting.

 Enjoy our music and tell a friend!

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